In this website you will find the modules of the VIP system, as well as an extensive catalogue of tools and resources aimed to help interpreters to perform their tasks and to train their skills.

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Interpreting is an arduous and extremely stressful task, which requires a lot of effort in terms of decoding, memorising and encoding a message. Therefore, interpreters should be able to benefit from the technological advances, like translators and other language professionals, in order to significantly improve their working conditions. However, technological developments are hardly having an impact in this sector, where traditional and manual methods still predominate.

New resources

Unlike translators, who have a wide range of resources and Computer-assisted tools at their disposal, interpreters still have not benefited from the same level of automation or innovation. Fortunately, there is a growing interest in the implementation of such tools for interpreters, although the number of these technology tools is still very low and they do not meet all interpreters needs.


El objetivo del proyecto VIP es transformar el sector de la interpretación mediante la creación de un entorno de trabajo para intérpretes que tenga un impacto similar al que han tenido las tecnologías lingüísticas en traducción. Para ello, pretendemos a) identificar las necesidades reales de los intérpretes, así como el grado de automatización posible; b) inventariar y analizar las tecnologías de interpretación asistida existentes, y c) desarrollar el primer sistema integrado para mejorar la productividad y el trabajo de los intérpretes (profesionales, docentes y estudiantes), antes, durante y después de una interpretación.

Popular tools

Pilot Speech Translator
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Skype Translator (Skype)