Optimisation and multilingual adaptation of the corpus module for the integration of French into the VIP system

Ref. no. 03/2021

The VIP project, already completed, has made an important contribution for the research and the professional fields. The main result of this project is the development of the only open-source system of its characteristics to date. This system is a technological benchmark for the future, as it offers interpreters a complete solution that covers their technological needs with simple tools, useful functionalities, and a high degree of integration between those tools.

In the final phases of the project, the system was tested by interpreters. Although the results were favourable, areas for improvement have been identified in order to achieve an optimum level of performance that will lead to a higher degree of interpreter’s satisfaction. This project focuses on the integration of the Spanish-French language pair into the tools of the first module of VIP (the integrated corpus management module). As a result of the actions to be carried out for the integration of French, optimisations and improvements of the system’s tools will be also implemented.