Machine Interpretation For All Through a Deep Learning API

The advances of recent years in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making it possible to develop applications that improve people´s lives at different levels. Within AI, the most widely used technique is Deep Learning (DL). Compared to other learning methods, this technique stands out for its high performance when solving problems and addressing tasks related to language and communication. Some examples with excellent results are found in automatic translation systems, speech recognition, text generation, question-answering systems and many other areas of natural language processing.

The MI4ALL project aims to provide an automatic interpretation software platform that will combine DL and corpus linguistics to facilitate public services for foreigners and immigrants, allowing them to communicate in a language in which they are fluent. This platform will consist of a REST API that will offer automatic translation, speech recognition and voice synthesis functionalities that can be accessed through an app or integrated into other systems and can be retrained for other fields and languages. The researchers of the team have an extensive scientific background in corpus linguistics, digital resources and multilingual linguistic technologies, to which the significant experience of the company Intelligenia S.L. will be added in the development of applications.