Jorge Lucas Pérez
BD in Psychology and BA in English Philology
PhD Candidate
Telephone: 952133413
Fax: -
Department: Translation and Interpreting
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
University: University of Malaga
Office: 629B
Research Lines: Developmental psychology and Cognitive Processes. Advertising translation. Non-fiction translation. General translation. Specialised translation. Translation and Interpreting Technologies. French as foreign language. English as foreign language.

Jorge Lucas Pérez holds a Degree in Psychology (2018), a BA in English Philology (2012) from the University of Málaga (2015), an online MA in Top Management from the Rey Juan Carlos University (2021) and a MA in Translation for the Publishing Industry from the UMA (2014). He is currently a lecturer in the Department of French Translation and Interpreting at UMA. On the other hand, he has translated books for publishing houses such as Marcial Pons and Babelcube, and has worked as a teacher and online tutor of French, English and Spanish in different companies and language schools. He has also collaborated since 2016 as a volunteer psychologist at Proyecto Hombre Málaga and has completed the required internship of the degree in Psychology at the Unit of Cognitive Neurology and Aphasia (UNCA) of the Medical-Health Research Centre (CIMES), wherein he collaborated in an English into Spanish adaptation of the Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) test, aimed at people with aphasia.