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The grammatical environment of intensifier–noun collocations: Insights from lexical priming theory
Autores: Moisés Almela-Sánchez and Pascual Cantos

The Portrait of Dorian Gray: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Translated Verb + Noun (object) Collocations in Peninsular and Colombian Spanish
Autores: Victoria Valencia Giraldo and Gloria Corpas Pastor

‘Alla finfine sono daccordo’: a corpus-based case study on Italian adverbial phrases grammaticalization
Autores: Lucia Busso and Margerita Castelli

Adjectivation of attributive nouns in French and Spanish: a corpus-based study of NOUN+clé/clave and NOUN+éclair/relámpago expressions
Autor: Francois Maniez

Nominal Collocations in Scientific English: A Frame-Semantic Approach
Autor: Eva Lucía Jiménez-Navarro

Translating manipulated idioms (EN>ES) in the Word Sketch scenario
Autor: Carlos Manuel Hidalgo Ternero

Translating Emotional Phraseology: a Case Study
Autores: J. Agustín Torijano and Mª Ángeles Recio

“Sword” Metaphors in Nikita Khrushchev’s Political Rhetoric
Autor: Elena Carter

Typical phraseological units in poetic texts Frequent concepts in works of poetry and how MWUs lack synonyms.
Autor: Michael Pace-Sigge

Identifying lexical bundles for an academic writing assistant in Spanish
Autores: Marcos García Salido, Marcos Garcia and Margarita Alonso-Ramos

Phraseological variation in Spanish academic writing
Autor: Marcos García Salido

The role of syntagmatic profile of verbs in describing the dynamics of the marketing domain
Autores: Ivanka Rajh and Larisa Grčić Simeunović

Multiword units and N-Grams naming FEAR in the so-called Israel-Corpus
Autor: Carolina Flinz

“You Took the Word Out of My Mouth”: a Morphosyntactic and Semantic Analysis of a Phraseological Lexicon of Colombian Spanish
Autores: José Luis Rojas Díaz and Juan Manuel Pérez Sánchez

Towards a Typology of Microsyntactic Constructions
Autores: Tania Avgustinova and Leonid Iomdin

Weighted compositional vectors for translating collocations using monolingual corpora
Autores: Marcos Garcia, Marcos García Salido and Margarita Alonso-Ramos

Phraseological sequences ending in of in L2 novice academic writing
Autores: Kateřina Vašků, Gabriela Brůhová and Denisa Šebestová

The difficult identification of multiword expressions: from decision criteria to annotated corpora
Autores: Agnès Tutin and Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier

Slovene Multi-Word Units: Identification, Categorization, and Representation
Autores: Polona Gantar, Jaka Čibej and Mija Bon

A Cognitive Modeling Approach on Ironical phraseology in Twitter
Autor: Beatriz Martín Gascón

MBLA Social Corpus Multipurpose multidimensional corpus on cyber-language
Autores: Álvaro Luis Maroto Conde and Manuel Bermúdez Vázquez

Semantic Prosody in Middle Construction Predicates: Exploring Adverb + Verb Collocation in middles
Autor: Macarena Palma Gutiérrez

Converse phrasemes and collocations in Czech: The case of dát ‘give’ and dostat ‘receive’
Autor: Marie Kopřivová

Context-Induced Reinterpretation of Phraseological Verbs: Phrasal Verbs in Late Modern English
Autor: Ljubica Leone

Effects of Statistical Learning Ability on the Second Language Processing of Multiword Sequences
Autores: Elma Kerz and Daniel Wiechmann

Automatic Identification of Academic Phrases using Data Mining
Autores: Dominika Kovarikova and Oleg Kovarik

Do Online Resources Give Satisfactory Answers to Questions about Meaning and Phraseology?
Autor: Patrick Hanks and Emma Franklin

Translation correspondences of digressive discourse markers in English and Spanish: a corpus-based study
Autor: Julia Lavid-López

On the structural disambiguation of multi-word terms
Autores: Melania Cabezas-García and Pilar León-Araúz

Phraseology in specialised languages: a contrastive analysis of mitigation in academic papers
Autor: Marisa Luisa Carrió Pastor

Profiling idioms: a sociolexical approach to the study of phraseological patterns
Autores: Sara Može and Emad Mohamed

Artículos cortos

¿Nadan en la abundancia los jóvenes españoles y alemanes? Un estudio empírico sobre la competencia fraseológica
Autor: Isabel Andugar Andreu

Variaciones fraseológicas en la terminología médico-farmacéutica y su aplicación en las traducciones EN>ES y DE>ES
Autor: Francisco Bautista

Vivid Phrasal Idioms and the Green New Deal: Teaching Idioms to EAP Students Via Authentic Contexts
Autor: Melissa Larsen-Walker

Orthography in Practice: Corpus-based Verification of Writing Ktetics in MWU’s in Croatian
Autores: Goranka Blagus Bartolec and Ivana Matas Ivanković

A didactic sequence about phrasemes in L2 French
Autores: Maria Francesca Bonadonna and Silvia Domenica Zollo

Procesos de reconocimiento e interpretación de unidades fraseológicas metafóricas y factores influyentes
Autor: Silvia Cataldo

Constructive Linguistics for Computational Phraseology: the Esperanto Case
Autor: Federico Gobbo

Corpus Analysis of Complex Names with Common Nouns in Croatian
Autores: Ivana Matas Ivanković and Goranka Blagus Bartolec

Improving textual competence in a second language initial literacy classroom
Autor: Castrenze Nigrelli

Phrase frames en un corpus oral de alemán como lengua extranjera para el turismo
Autor: María Rosario Bautista Zambrana

Multiword Terms and Machine Translation
Autor: Serge Potemkin

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets in Brazilian Portuguese with Convolutional Neural Networks
Autores: Armando Dalla Costa Neto and Juan Manuel Adán Coello

On the Impact of (Il)literacy on L2 Italian Acquisition of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors
Autor: Castrenze Nigrelli

Processing European Portuguese Verbal Idioms: From the Lexicon-Grammar to a Rule-based Parser
Autores: Ana Galvão, Jorge Baptista and Nuno Mamede

Phraseology in learner language: the case of French idioms translated by Italian-speaking adult learners
Autores: Mariangela Albano and Rosa Leandra Badalamenti

Corpus-based terminology extraction for the translation of 3D printers’ technical datasheets
Autores: Ángela Luque Giraldez and Míriam Seghiri


Desarrollo de la fraseología especializada en brasil
Autor: Cleci Regina Bevilacqua

Towards a cross-linguistic study of phraseology across specialized genres
Autores: Ana Roldan-Riejos and Lukasz Grabowski

Fixed Phrases in Language of International Law; a problem of translating IL Latin Formulaic Expressions (Phraseological Units) into Farsi
Autor: Seyed Hossein Mirzade

Russian euphemistic phraseological units in the Dostoevsij’s novel “Crime and punishment”: analysis of Italian translations
Autor: Aleksandra Burkhailo

Corpus-based empirical research on resurgent collocation beyond existing grammatical rules: ‘make angry/mad’ as an example
Autor: Ai Inoue


Lexical Bundles in Adventure Tourism: A Corpus-Based Study
Autor: Isabel Duran

Phrageology in Judicial discourse: a case in point
Autor: Farouk Bouhadiba

Sequences of near-synonymous adjectives in English: a corpus-based study
Autor: Stephen Coffey

The 140 year journey of subtleties: tracing senses in idioms
Autor: Margarita Yagudaeva

Corpus jurídico de algunas sentencias y autos
Autor: María Sagrario del Río Zamudio

Estudio de la estructura colocacional y de la utilización en la prensa de los verbos poner y colocar en español
Autor: Henry Hernandez Bayter

Productive patterns of Semantic Prosody in Middle Construction Adverb + Verb Collocations
Autor: Macarena Palma Gutiérrez

Ironical Phraseology in Twitter: A Bigdata Corpus on Spanish
Autor: Beatriz Martín Gascón

COFRE. Corpus fraseológico en línea de las emociones en español, italiano, alemán e inglés
Autores: María Teresa Díaz García and María José Sampedro Vizcaya

A Corpus-based Study of Prefabricated Chunks Used by Professional Interpreters in Cantonese-English Simultaneous Interpreting
Autor: Cui XU

DeepL vs. Google Translate: the use of machine translation post-editing in phraseodidactics oriented to translation
Autor: Carlos Manuel Hidalgo Ternero

Nominal Collocations in Scientific English: A Frame-Semantic Approach
Autor: Eva Lucía Jiménez-Navarro

Phraseology, data and culture: an experiment with the Parseme 2018 dataset
Autor: Jean-Pierre Colson

Automatic Syntactic Classification of European Portuguese Proverbs
Autores: Sónia Reis and Jorge Baptista

Current State of JMWEL: a Comprehensive Japanese MWE Lexicon and its Applications
Autores: Masahito Takahashi, Toshifumi Tanabe, Kosho Shudo and Jack Halpern

Using corpora to explore the vagueness of Italian numeral collocations in the classroom of Italian as Second Language
Autor: Diana Peppoloni

Identification of MWUs in the archaeological domain
Autores: Carola Carlino and Johanna Monti

An exploration of phraseological rhetoric in the UK Parliament
Autor: Victor Ellis

Cycling and the Obscurity of (Some) Phraseology: A Corpus Analysis
Autor: Luis Tosina Fernández

A corpus-driven approach to spoken L2 English: fixedness and frequency of multi-word expressions as two parameters of learner language
Autor: Rita Juknevičienė

Engrammer: Introducing a new tool for the identification of phraseological patterning. Demo and case study on Czech, English and Arabic
Autores: Jiří Milička and Denisa Šebestová

The corpus tools in linguistic research and translation studies
Autores: Tetiana Anokhina and Olga Aleksieieva

Representing passive valency restrictions on multiword units in automatic combinatorial dictionaries
Autor: Piotr Pęzik

Las modificaciones fraseológicas como recurso para crear titulares-anzuelo
Autor: María F. Sáez Martínez

Modelización computacional de las locuciones verbales del español chileno a partir de la propuesta de la Léxico-Gramática
Autores: Walter Koza and Natalia Rivas

Post-editing neural machine translation in specialised languages: the role of corpora in the translation of phraseological structures
Autores: Natalie Kübler, Hanna Martikainen, Alexandra Mestivier and Mojca Pecman

From semantic annotation to the computational extraction of MWEs: a preliminary analysis of Spanish online food descriptions
Autores: Marlén Izquierdo, María Pérez Blanco and Hugo Sanjurjo-González

Los fraseologismos bíblicos en español, francés e inglés: estudio contrastivo y traductológico
Autor: Gonzalo Moreno

A phrase-frame list for physical sciences research article introductions
Autor: Hao-jan Chen

The sem-gram: a novel technique for eliciting phraseologies
Autores: David Finbar brett and Antonio Pinna

Phraseological Formations to Overcome Speechlessness
Autor: Tim Schmidt

Terminological problems in legal translation: a case of multi-word units in Dutch and Polish labour law texts
Autor: Katarzyna Tryczyńska

Phraseological Pattern Identification in the Controlled Language of Seafaring Using Annotation as an Extraction Technique
Autor: María-Araceli Losey-León

Representation of Russian Phraseological Units with the Component “heart” in Dictionaries and Corpora
Autor: Maria Khokhlova

Suggestions for a new model of functional phraseme categorization for pedagogical purposes
Autor: Anna Fankhauser

Neglected discourse-structuring phrasemes in learner dictionaries: A corpus-based study in American English conversation
Autor: Anna Fankhauser

The use of phraseological modifications in literature: The case of Luis Sepúlveda, “Historia de una gaviota y del gato que le enseñó a volar”
Autor: Flor Mena

Combining descriptive needs and data intelligibility in a dictionary app for Italian idioms: issues and future perspectives
Autores: Valeria Caruso, Johanna Monti and Roberta Presta

The frequency of phrasal verbs in English for the Police. Zooming in on the case of out
Autor: Andreea Rosca

ParemCor – Contemporary Romanian Language Corpus of Proverbs and Anti-proverbs
Autores: Anca Diana Bibiri, Maria Moruz and Mihai Alex Moruz

¿Fraseología de los sentidos: las metáforas del tacto?
Autores: Maria Eugênia Olímpio de Oliveira Silva and Ana María Ruiz Martínez

Estudio de Unidades Fraseológicas Especializadas en los Documentos de Consentimiento Informado en el ámbito de las Ciencias Biomédicas, en Chile.
Autores: Adriana Ribeiro-Alves and Anita Ferreira Cabrera

Formulaic Frequency Profile: incorporating multiword units in a measure of lexical richness in L2 written production
Autor: Maria Moreno Jaen

The teaching of idioms in English and German teaching materials
Autor: María José Alcaraz

A corpus-based study of phraseological units with the word tsar’ in Russian
Autores: Timur Galeev, Anna Shevlyakova and Vladimir Bochkarev

EXTraNET: a neural classifier of multiword terms
Autores: Martina Miliani, Lucia C. Passaro and Alessandro Lenci

Construction of a multilingual glossary from monolingual and parallel corpora for an electronic writing aid of informed consents
Autor: Paula Saiz-Hontangas

Semantic annotation of named rivers for their representation in a terminological knowledge base
Autores: Juan Rojas-Garcia and Riza Batista-Navarro

Las fórmulas oracionales como exponentes lingüísticos de funciones comunicativas: Análisis del corpus PRESEEA-Valencia
Autor: Zaida Núñez

Estudio de caso de la fraseología colombiana: Análisis crítico de un corpus ad hoc de locuciones
Autores: María Bernarda Espejo Olaya and  Daniele Zuccala

La maldición de la chapuza: estudio de corpus.
Autor: Antonio Pamies