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[01/04/20] – Call for chapter proposals for the volume entitled ‘Recent Advances in Multiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology‘, to be published by John Benjamins. Send title and short abstract by email not later than March 6th 2020. [Call for proposals]

[05/12/19] – The e-proceedings are already available. You can read them here.

[05/12/19] – The Springer volume is already available. You can read it here.

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Social Programme

On day 1 (September 25th)  we will have a tourist information desk about the city of Malaga from 16:30 until 19:30.

On day 3 (September 27th) we will have a guided tour in the centre of Malaga. For further information please visit: 


Original Change
Session 3A Didactic Sequence for Phrasemes in L2 French, Maria Francesca Bonadonna and Silvia Domenica Zollo [Day 1, 12:15-12.40] 11:50-12.15
Keynote speech: Multiword Expressions Under the Microscope, Aline Villavicencio [Day 3, 18:00-18:50] What matters more – the quality of the corpora or their size? The case of automatic translation of multiword expressions using comparable corpora, Ruslan Mitkov
Keynote speechLexical bundles in contrast: Opportunities and challenges, Sylviane Granger [Day 1, 9.30-10.20] Multiword Expressions Under the Microscope, Aline Villavicencio
Session 24: Estudio de caso de la fraseología colombiana: Análisis crítico de un corpus ad hoc de locuciones, María Bernarda Espejo Olaya and Daniele Zuccala [Day 3, 12:20-12.40] 16:30-17:00


– Keynote speech 1: Lexical bundles in contrast: Opportunities and challenges, Sylviane Granger [Day 1, 9.30-10.20]

Session 3: Phraseology in Learner Language: The Case of French Idioms and Collocations Translated by Italian speaking Adult Learners, Mariangela Albano and Rosa Leandra Badalamenti [Day 1, 11:50-12:15]

PosterFixed Phrases in Language of International Law; a problem of translating IL Latin Formulaic Expressions (Phraseological Units) into Farsi, Seyed Hossein Mirzade [Day 1, 16:40-17:30]

Session 11The difficult identification of multiword expressions: from decision criteria to annotated corpora, Agnès Tutin [Day 2, 11:40-12:10]

Session 13Improving textual competence in a second language initial literacy classroom, Castrenze Nigrelli [Day 2, 12:40-13:05]

Session 13On the Impact of (Il)literacy on L2 Italian Acquisition of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, Castrenze Nigrelli [Day 2, 13:05-13:30]

Session 27Phraseological variation in Spanish academic writing, Marcos García Salido [Day 3, 16:30-17:00]