Post-conference publication opportunities

***Call for chapter proposals for the volume to be published by John Benjamins***
Call for proposals [PDF]

In addition to the papers to be published in a Springer volume and e-proceedings, we are offering additional publication opportunities after the conference. A volume to be published by John Benjamins has already been agreed with the publisher. To this end, we shall launch an open call inviting submissions related to computational and corpus-based phraseology. Authors of accepted abstracts will be able to send full-length papers to be considered for this volume. Authors of EUROPHRAS 2019 regular, short or poster papers will also have the opportunity to write up and submit a paper to be considered for this volume as long as the new submissions describe continuation/more advanced stage /completion of their project. Their new submissions, if based on their conference work, will have to be substantially revised paper (identical or near-to-identical papers to those presented in Malaga will not be considered).

More post-conference publication opportunities include a volume in Spanish with the publisher Comares and a special issue on Multidisciplinary Analysis of Phraseological Variation in Translation and Interpreting in the journal MonTI (Spanish and English) for papers discussing this particular topic.

In all cases, the post-conference submissions will be peer-reviewed.


The publishing house Springer, founded in Berlin (1842), is ranked in the top 5 in Scholarly Publishers Indicators (SPI): in the general ranking it holds the 4th position (placed after Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Routledge) and in the specific ranking, it is number 1 in the field of Documentation and Library Studies, and 13 in field of Linguistics, Literature and Philosophy (SPI general ranking: 4/259 ICEE 33.061; SPI Documentation ranking: 1/22; ICEE 1.023; SPI Linguistics ranking: 13/120 ICEE 1.472). According to the website Statista, Springer also holds the first position in the ranking of German publishers based on their revenue ( It boasts more than 35 000 published books and about 2000 scientific publications (including impact journals).

John Benjamins

The prestigious publisher John Benjamins, with headquarters in Amsterdam and specialising in the field of Language and Linguistics, holds the 5th highest position in the ranking of Linguistics, Literature and Philosophy and 14th in the general ranking of Scholarly Publishers Indicators (SPI general ranking: 14/259; ICEE 28.695; SPI Linguistics ranking: 5/120 ICEE 8.417). It is also indexed in Norwegian lists (CRISTIN), Book Citation Index and Finnish List.

Call for proposals


Comares is one of the Spanish publishing houses with the longest tradition in publications on Translation Studies and Linguistics. It is ranked in the top 15 in Scholarly Publishers Indicators (SPI): in the general ranking it holds the 12th position, and in the ranking of Linguistics, Literature and Philosophy it is placed in the 13th position (SPI general ranking: 12/272; ICEE 25.584; SPI Linguistics ranking: 13/119 ICEE 1.638). It is also indexed in Norwegian lists (CRISTIN) and Finnish List.
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MonTI ( is a peer-reviewed journal indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science) and ranked in the first quartile in Language and Linguistics SJR SCOPUS 2017. Its Editorial Board, Scientific Board and Board of Referees feature leading figures in the field of Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting. MonTI is indexed in the following databases:

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– Bibliographical databases: BITRA. Bibliografía de interpretación y traducción; Emerging Sources Citation Index; ISOC: Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades; MLA International Bibliography; RETI; Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB)

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