gApp webinar

The online seminar “gApp: a text preprocessing system to improve the neural machine translation of discontinuous multiword expressions” will be given by Dr Hidalgo Ternero.

In this seminar, we present gApp, a text-preprocessing system designed for automatically detecting and converting discontinuous multiword expressions (MWEs) into their continuous forms so as to improve the performance of current neural machine translation systems (NMT) (see Hidalgo-Ternero, 2021, & Hidalgo-Ternero & Corpas Pastor, 2020, 2022a, 2022b & 2022c, among others). To test its effectiveness, several experiments with different NMT systems (DeepL, Google Translate and ModernMT, among others) and in different language directionalities (ES/FR/IT>EN/DE/ES/FR/IT/PT/ZH) have been carried out in order to verify to what extent gApp can enhance the performance of NMT systems under the challenge of phraseological discontinuity.


Date: 14 october 2022, 14:00-15:00 (CEST)


You can join this seminar using Microsoft Teams platform following this link.

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