International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies (University of Malaga, 12-13 May 2022)

The International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies will take place at the University of Malaga on May 12 and 13, 2022. You will find all the information on the following website:

Registration for the workshop is free of charge and a certificate of attendance will be provided. In order to register, please go to the “Tickets International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies” section of the website. Select “1” and “Continue”. Then fill in your information and click on “Finalize”.

Please note that the event has limited seating and will be held in English. The use of masks is recommended.


Gloria Corpas has received Saint Francis Prize in Techno-Humanities award

Prof Gloria Corpas Pastor has received a worldwide award from the ‘Caritas Institute of Higher Education’ of Hong Kong in the first edition of the ‘Saint Francis Prize in Techno-Humanities’. This prize highlights her innovative contributions to the area of translation technologies. More information can be found on the Caritas Institute of Higher Education website:

Several media have already published about it:

The Lighthouse Stories Report

Within the framework of the European Union project REVALORISE+, “The Lighthouse Stories Report” (, a series of stories told by promoters of the valorisation of the Social Sciences and Humanities, demonstrating the value and social impact of these disciplines, has been published on its website. Dr. Corpas has been chosen to tell her story, which is available at the following link: .

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