Publication of new volume

The new volume edited by Comares (Corpas, Bautista and Hidalgo) “Sistemas fraseológicos en contraste: enfoques computacionales y de corpus” has been published.
Several members of the LEXYTRAD group have contributed their publications to the creation of the volume, which includes chapters by Gloria Corpas Pastor, Isabel Durán Muñoz, Mahmoud Gaber, Carlos Manuel Hidalgo-Ternero, María Araceli Losey León and Míriam Seghiri. Follow this link to check it:

MI4ALL – Machine Interpretation For All Through a Deep Learning API

Since 2020, the LEXYTRAD research group has been working on the MI4ALL project. Taking advantage of current advances in AI, an automatic interpretation software platform that combines deep learning and corpus linguistics to facilitate public services for foreigners and immigrants is being developed, allowing them to communicate in a language in which they are fluent. This tool will improve the services and well-being of its users. More details about the project and its current state can be found in the following link:

New paper about the translation of phraseological manipulation

The paper, entitled “Electronic Tools and Resources for the Translation of Phraseological Manipulation: a Student-Centered Case Study” is authored by Hidalgo and Corpas and has been published by CLINA. Follow these links to check it:

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